What is custom tape?

What is custom tape?
Custom tape is plastic polypropylene that is produced on long master reels, the reels are then floodcoated with a background base colour although you can choose any colour the usual colours for printing are white, brown, black and yellow. We can match any pantone colour of your preference though so this is not a problem.

We manufacture all of our printed packaging tapes in house and we have a dedicated artwork design studio. We also produce printed paper tape , printed barrier tape and fragile tape.

Each roll of custom printed packaging tape has 66m on the roll and the width of the tape is 48mm wide at a minimum, yes we can produce bigger roll widths and lengths if required.

Artworks can be submitted to us in three colours, we will only print your artwork once it has been approved as to avoid any unwanted and uneccesary errors.

If you would like a printed tape quote, please get in touch with one of our packing tape experts based here in the uk.
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